About the Plug Inn project

August 26, 2014

As Sweden is facing severe shortage of housing, especially for students and young people, the Plug Inn project aims to investigate the possibilities to build innovative and cheap student housing on sites with a temporary building permit. In the project, we will investigate three main areas:


1. Analysis & planning.


We want to find out how we can build cheaper student housing in Sweden, but we also want to find a way to “pre-cultivate a city”. When building student housing modules on a specific site, how do we influence and create the area around the housing module, in such a way that the area becomes attractive to live in?


2. Case study


An important part of the project is to study different sites around Uppsala (just north of Stockholm) where it would be interesting and also possible to build student housing with a temporary building permit. In this context we do not just study different sites, we also aim to develop a framework for how these sites can be evaluated, a framework that could then be used by others.


3. Physical example


We aim to get as far as possible on the route to a physical example of a student housing module system.