Our services

Transition design is our method to transform society in a sustainable direction.
Our work is interdisciplinary and we offer services in several fields:


  • Design & Architecture
  • Communication & Visualization
  • Community Planning & Citizen Dialogue
  • City Farming & Permaculture Systems
  • Energy Strategies
  • Lectures & Workshops
  • Business Strategies & Network Support


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Design & Architecture

Design & Architecture


Greenelizer operate in the borderland between industrial design and architecture. We design and develop new building structures, and we create retrofitting solutions for existing buildings. We are also specialized in producing concepts and design solutions for showrooms and demo environments.


To be prepared for the demands of tomorrow it is crucial to be on top of the rapid development of new materials and technology. Greenelizer has extensive knowledge on innovative materials, energy technology and integrated production processes.





C & V - 2, 500 x 341Communication & Visualization


Greenelizer is specializing in end user communication. We use the latest techniques in order to visualize concepts and convey important content to a designated target group. Our expertise encompasses fields like film/animation, illustration, photography, web design, interactive/social media and strategic information campaigns.


Greenelizer is also developing applications using a new technique called augmented reality. This technique is ideal for viewing graphic material superimposed on a real-world setting with the help of a smartphone or tablet. One example of how to use augmented reality applications is visualization of how a planned building project will actually look like on site. Another could be to visualize energy use or other parameters in existing buildings.



Citizen dialogue

Community Planning & Citizen Dialogue


The way our communities are constructed physically has many important implications for the possibilities to live sustainably, and community planning is therefore a crucial aspect of the transition process. Greenelizer keeps track of the latest innovations and strategies in community planning. We also have tools and methods that can be used for already existing structures in order to strengthen the resilience and quality of life.


Above all, we believe that a strong and active local community is an integral part of any truly sustainable society.Therefore our ambition is to involve citizens at the grassroots level as much as possible in the planning of society. The foremost tool we use for this purpose is citizen dialogue.



City Farming

City Farming & Permaculture Systems


Urban cultivation is central to our method in many aspects. Besides being highly popular, it creates socio-cultural values as well as micro economies and job opportunities. It also reduces vulnerability to disruptions in global and regional food supply chains.


Besides from conventional urban gardens using vegetables and fruits as key ingredients, we also advocate the use of fish farming and animal cultivation in order to create more variation and resilience. Greenelizer employs solutions where dirty fingernails as well as sophisticated cultivation systems play an integral part.





Energiteknik diagram

Energy Strategies


Greenelizer has in-depth knowledge of energy systems and its interaction with other sectors, such as transportation, construction and waste management. We work with both theoretical planning and practical implementation of energy solutions at various levels, from microgrids to complex infrastructure planning of integrated energy systems.


With help of smart grid technology we can optimize energy use and create better energy performance in buildings, industries and cities. This also encompass integration of different energy flows, for example simultaneous production of heat, cold and electricity. Finally, we also have expertise in the fields of waste-to-energy, biofuels (ethanol, biodiesel, biogas) and electromobility.





Lectures & Workshops


Greenelizer give lectures to a wide variety of institutions and audiences; from universities and municipalities to businesses and international delegations. We arrange workshops and seminars tailor-made for your organization, ranging from introductions to in-depth studies and programs.


Some examples of lecture titles:

  • Cleantech solutions and green buildings
  • Localized sustainable production
  • The smart city
  • Work and social aspects of a sustainable economy.





Networking support

Business Strategies & Networking Support


Business is all about making connections with the right people. When it comes to green business, Greenelizer is the partner that helps you connect. We collaborate with an extensive range of companies and organizations, and we assist your project in connecting the right technology with the right people. Amongst our clients and partners you can find architects, constructors, municipalities, product developers, universities and other institutions.


Greenelizer’s main office is in Stockholm, Sweden, and consequently our network is focused on Sweden. However, we also have an international network of partners and collaborators in Japan, Brazil, Germany and the United States.