Greenelizer winner in waste heat competition

September 24, 2015

The Greenelizer team celebrating with the winner cheque

In fierce competition with renowned companies like Sweco, WSP Sweden and White architects, Greenelizer has won first prize in a competition on how to make use of industrial waste heat.


The following question was posed to the participants in the competition: “If you can get access to unlimited amounts of low temperature (30-50 degrees) waste heat to a negligible cost, how would you use it to make our cities nicer, better and more sustainable to live in?”


The concept that Greenelizer developed for the competition is called “Kvarteret Fiskfarmen” (The Fish Farm City Block), a concept that proposes the establishment of fish farming facilities in a city environment, with the aim of retrofitting and revitalizing a neglected or rundown neighborhood. The idea is that the facilities will use waste heat from nearby industrial plants to warm the fish tanks.


An important part of the concept is that the fish farming is just a starting point, and that over time other functions will be developed in symbiosis with the fish farming installations. Vegetable cultivation, fish market, fish restaurant and a research center are examples of functions that can be established and create synergies with the fish farming.


The goal of the project is to create a local and at least partly self-sustainable city milieu that is resilient to crises in transport systems and economy on a larger scale.


The awarded amount is 150 000 SEK. The competition was arranged by Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Swedish Surplus Energy Collaboration, City of Malmö, City of Lund, the County Administrative Board of Skåne, E.ON Sweden, Kraftringen AB and the Swedish District Heating Association.


Download a pdf version of the winning proposal Kvarteret Fiskfarmen (only Swedish)


Illustration of how the Fish Farm City Block concept could look like in reality.

Illustration of how the Fish Farm City Block concept could look like in reality.