About us



Greenelizer is a multidisciplinary research & design studio. We call our method Transition Design.



We are emerging from a market where energy and resources have been abundant and cheaply available, and now we are reaching the limits of our planet’s hospitality. This means we need to transform society into a resilient system that can enhance quality of life with less energy and materials. At the same time we need to sustain progress, while also taking into consideration climate change and the state of the ecosphere we live in.


That’s a challenge.


As designers we are continually involved in the challenge of innovation and problem solving. Greenelizer works with applied design methods to put a sustainable transition in effect.


Föreläsning med GreenelizerTransition Design is our method to catalyze the change towards a more balanced and sustainable market. We support organisations, municipalities and companies in their search for a direction ahead. In effect this means that we identify what aspects that can be improved, altered, optimized or discarded, in order for our clients to turn green strategies and ideas into reality.


Transition Design can be applied to all levels of society and business; from product design to city farming, architecture and engineering. Implementing our design methods we can build balanced and lively societies, using integrated community planning and interactive citizen dialogue. In this interdisciplinary field Greenelizer functions as a plexus creating synergetic and flexible design solutions.